Log Care Inc. Services

Media Blasting (Cob, sand, ground glass, etc.) – Most effective method to remove failed stains and deteriorated wood fibers. This will get down to good bare wood which is ideal for stain adherence and will leave a like new appearance to most wood surfaces. Blasting can also be used to remove rust from metal.

Staining –

Caulking - It is important to do this as soon as possible to prevent water from getting into and behind the logs. When logs get wet they will start to rot which can create very expensive and difficult repair work. Special caulking should be used on log homes, which are designed to have some give to move with the logs.

Chinking – This provides a good seal between the logs. It would keep you more comfortable, save money on heating costs, and reduce the amount of flies, bugs and dust that get into your home. Proper application is essential, chink that is applied too thick or too thin will fail. When chinking is applied with the right thickness and with the use of backer rod in most cases it will last the lifetime of the home.

Log Rot and prevention- Rotted areas in the logs can be stabilized and repaired by either replacing the affected logs or by stabilizing them with special epoxy compounds formulated specifically for log repairs. Click here for Lot Rot 101.

Pressure Washing -