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Log Rot and Prevention

Rotted areas in the logs can be stabilized and repaired by either replacing the affected logs or by stabilizing them with unique epoxy compounds explicitly formulated for log repairs. 

Log Rot 101 - Causes, Treatments and Preventions

Nature has developed a very efficient recycling system for trees that die in the forest.

We are fighting these natural elements trying to preserve wood and logs used in building homes and other structures. For logs and wood to rot all of the following elements must be present:

1. Decay Fungi – There are many types and they are present everywhere.
2. Food source for the fungi – wood, logs, timbers, etc.
3. Moisture – Decay fungi can only do its thing (cause rot) when wood is damp.
4. Oxygen – The most abundant element in nature.
5. Moderate Temperatures – Mountainous forested areas are the perfect environment.

To prevent or control rot, the only options we have are to keep the wood dry and or control the decay fungi with the use of wood preservatives.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DRY ROT! The term “dry rot” is a misnomer and very misleading. Dry wood (below 20% moisture level) will not rot. Wood with existing rot will not rot any further if the wood is dried out and kept dry.

Sometimes due to design elements in the home it becomes very difficult to keep the wood dry. In these areas the proper use of wood preservatives, usually borates, can help prevent or control rot. The first and most important thing in preventing or dealing with rot issues in homes and other structures is to identify what factors may contribute to rot and make a plan to mitigate those factors.

It is far less expensive to prevent rot than it is to repair or replace rotted logs.

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